There are three areas of deliverables for the FINS Project: publications, software, and course materials. Each of these is further described on the Description page.

This section contains the materials that have been developed and published as a result of FINS Framework project.

Publications to follow.

This section contains software and links to software that is associated with the FINS Framework project.

Croupier: Croupier is an application that supports experimental networking research by providing simple file distribution, file collection, and experiment control. The Croupier system is client-server-based and utilizes a single server node that pushes and pulls files from client nodes. Croupier also runs start and stop experiment scripts on the client nodes. All operations include acknowledgements to ensure that all of the nodes in a network are participating. Croupier was designed for a MANET environment and draws on many of the lesson learned from the MANIAC Challenge project regarding experiment logistics and file control. *link to croupier stuff*

Framework and Modules:
This section will include the FINS Framework and modules associated with running the framework.

Course Materials:
This section includes documents and assignments relevant to a mobile device/applications/systems course and a course that could include the FINS Framework, such as an advanced network course that includes an experimental protocol design portion. Please contact us the project PIs for solution material, where applicable.

Course material to follow.

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