This is everyone involved in the FINS Framework at both Virginia Tech and Bucknell University.

Virginia Tech
Principal Investigators
Dr. Allen B. MacKenzie

Dr. Luiz A. DaSilva

Graduate Students

Abdallah S. Abdallah
Computer Engineering PhD student
M.Sc. in Computer Engineering 2007
B.Sc. in Computer Engineering 2003
Duration: Fall 2009 – Present

  • Dedicated Graduate Research Assistant for FINS.
  • Modules development (Socket stub, wifi stub, and Switch)
  • Deliveries testing, approving and integration
  • Code Maintenance
  • FINS Demo

Amaar Ahmad
Electrical Engineering PhD student
Duration of Involvement: Summer 2010 – Present

  • Development of the table lookup and update cache functionality
  • Control frame interface and switch modules

Undergraduate Students
Rado Petrik
Duration of Involvment:

REU Students
Alexander Barteau
Major: Computer Engineering, Bucknell University Class of 2013
Duration of involvement: Summer 2010

  • Preliminary implementations of UDP and ICMP modules

Bucknell University
Principal Investigator
Dr. Michael S. Thompson

Undergraduate Students
Peter James
Major: Electrical Engineering, Class of 2011
Duration of Involvement: Fall 2009 – Present

  • RTgen program update with statistical analysis
  • FINS Framework website set-up

Ross Bond
Major: Computer Engineering, Class of 2012
Duration of Involvement: Summer 2009 – Present

  • Search for mobile devices
  • Partial work on android
  • Course development

Mark Horvath
Major: Computer Engineering, Class of 2013
Duration of Involvement: Summer 2010 – Present

  • Research Android as a cross-platform testbed for FINS Framework
  • Become familiar with the build system and organization of the Android source
  • Develop documentation on how to configure a custom build of Android
  • Enable unsupported features on the Dell mini 10 (our choice for x86 test hardware)

Martin Tsvetkov
Major: Computer Science Engineering, Class of 2013
Duration of Involvement: Summer 2010 – Present

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